Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 PDF | Wbbse

Dear students in this article we have brought Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 PDF. This suggestion is prepared by experienced teachers. Hope you will get 90% common in exam from this suggestion.

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 PDF | Wbbse

So that you can get good results in 2024 Madhyamik final exam, we have published Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 here. Suggestion for writing skill are discussed here. Hope this 2024 Madhyamik English Suggestion will help you a lot in your exam preparation. thank you

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2024 PDF | Wbbse









FABLE (2022) *

SEA FEVER (2023)


Report Writing

i) Odisha Coromandel Express Accident 

ii) West Bengal student credit card

iii) Write a newspaper report on the collapse of a building on the following.

iv) Cyclone in West Bengal

v) Plastic problem

vi) Write a report on the excursion organised by your school.

Personal / Official Letter (Editorial Letter আসবে না)

i) Write a letter to your bank manager for an educational loan for your higher education. 

ii) Write a letter to your friend about the utility of morning walk/ daily exercise

iii) Write a letter to your headmaster for sick leave

iv) Write a letter to your friend who lives in Mumbai informing him about the greatest festival of West Bengal

v) Write a letter to your friend about your experience in class 10 and your long preparation for Madhyamik examination 

vi) Suppose your friend waste study hour by using Android phone write a letter to him giving advice as a friend.

Notice Writing

i) Suppose you are the secretary of the Eco club of your school now write a notice for the student on “safe drinking water” to make them conscious about the problems of drinking water.

ii) As a secretary, social welfare club of your school, write a notice requesting students to donate freely to a relief fund for the flood in Kerala.

iii) As a secretary, of your village club, issue a notice for blood donation camp in your locality.

iv) Your club has arranged a Eye Treatment camp. Write a short notice informing people in your locality.

v) As a secretary, of your school’s Health Club, issue a notice requesting the students to join in the garbage cleaning operation in the school premises.

vi) Suppose you are the secretary of the student welfare committee of your school. the local police station is organised a quiz cum extempore is this competition write a notice informing and inviting student of class x and xii to participate in the program.

vi) Write a notice informing the students about the dengue awareness camp which will be organised by your school.

vii) Suppose the student of your school is suffering from a heart disease. he needs financial help for proper treatment as a secretary of your school, write a notice to make

contribution for the ailing student.

viii) Your school has decided to observe the Rabindra jayanti in your school as the secretary of the students culture committee write a notice to the student to your school.

Processing Writing

1) How rain is formed

2) How Mango Pickle / lemon squash / orange juice / potato chips is Prepared

3) How School Magazine is Published

4) How Tea is Prepared

5) How ORS is prepared 5. How Newspaper is Published

6) How Paper is Made

7) How Clothes are Washed

8) How Building is Constructed 

9) How Orange Juice is Prepared

Story Writing

1) The farmer and his idle sons the wolf and the crane

2) The right judgment

3) A man from the mars

4) Brave girl escapes marriage

5) A fox and a crow

6) A soldier and A bird seller

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